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Tutorial Number 05

Sequence for Extra Border and Outline

To include a white border and another stroked outline follow the next sequence. Use the crop tool to select the whole image.

Click on the top left hand corner to drag out the crop area, as below and then do the same with the opposite corner and double click in the box  to activate the cropping.

Select all the image again (shortcut for this is to hold down the Control key and hit the "A " key) then Stroke the next border.

Now repeat the first sequence to stroke a new border choosing the pixel width and colour to suit the image.

I have selected a green to match the grass, made the bottom area of white deeper and then used the text tool
to add a Title. Change to the Move tool
(shortcut hit the "V" key)  and adjust the position of the title and then add
a drop shadow from the layer styles palette.

Hope this helps.

Best of luck